Moonwalking with Einstein


By Joshua Foer

Can anyone get a perfect memory?

Joshua Foer used to be like most of us, forgetting phone numbers and mislaying keys. Then he learnt the art of memory training, and a year later found himself in the finals of the US Memory Championship. He also discovered a truth we often forget: that, even in an age of technology, memory is the key to everything we are.

In Moonwalking with Einstein he takes us on an astonishing journey through the mind, from ancient ‘memory palace’ techniques to neuroscience, from the man who can recall nine thousand books to another who constantly forgets who he is. In doing so, Foer shows how we can all improve our memories.

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Captivating … engaging … smart and funny’ The New York Times

Delightful … uplifting … it shows that our minds can do extraordinary things’ Wall Street Journal

Great fun … a book worth remembering’ Independent

A lovely exploration of the ways that we preserve our lives and our world in the golden amber of human memory – New Scientist

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