Without Buddha I Could Not be a Christian


By Paul F. Knitter

An honest, unflinching tale of re-finding one’s faith, from one of the world’s most famous theologians

Without Buddha I Could Not Be a Christian narrates how esteemed theologian, Paul F. Knitter overcame a crisis of faith by looking to Buddhism for inspiration. From prayer to how Christianity views life after death, Knitter argues that a Buddhist standpoint can encourage a more person-centred conception of Christianity, where individual religious experience comes first, and liturgy and tradition second. Moving and revolutionary, this book will inspire Christians everywhere.

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“In this revealing retrospective, Knitter recounts very personally how his encounters with liberation theology and with other religions, especially Buddhism, challenged and transformed his Christian faith. This will be of interest to all who are concerned with religious diversity and social justice.” — Leo Lefebure, Professor of Theology, Georgetown University and author of The Buddha and the Christ

“The dialogue between Christianity and Buddhism is one of the most important conversations of our time, and Paul Knitter’s new book shows why. It offers much more than words: religion at its best transforms us, and herein we see its fruits. If you want to know how religions can help to revitalize each other, this is the place to start.” — David Loy, Besl Family Chair for Ethics/Religion and Society at Xavier University and author of Money Sex War Karma: Notes for a Buddhist Revolution

“A compelling example of religious inquiry.” ― New York Times,

“Knitter’s rich book should be a source of fascination and guidance for seekers of all sorts. One of the finest contemporary books on the encounter between religions in the heart and soul of a single thoughtful person.” ― Library Review

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